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Australian artist Linda Joan Buller has been working and living in Bali for the last 15 years. Linda has painted and exhibited consistently throughout her life. She has been painting since the age of 13.

Linda began her studies at the Anik Silvers Studio at 14 years old. She continued her training at the Bendigo Institute of Technology studying fine arts for three years. During the late seventies and the eighties, Linda was an active member of the Fitzroy (Melbourne) Arts scene as both a performance poet and visual artist participating in group exhibitions and a solo exhibition at Rhumbella's Gallery, Brunswick St. Fitzroy. The City of Preston commissioned Linda Buller to paint the controversial Peace Mural within the Preston market place in 1986.

Linda's work is consciously and also sublimely influenced by her travels, which began in lush tropical Queensland then continued to Central Australia outback with its dry and arid desert, red ochers and stark blue's. She is also influenced by the love she has for her native aboriginal fellow beings, their history and historical cave paintings. This all to the contrast of far away cultures such as Turkey and it's white sands and the old hieroglyphics, it's fairy palaces and chimney's, architecture and archaeology of Greece, which she also loves so dearly.


In 2013 and 2014 two of Linda's long time dreams came true. The first as she made the adventurous cultural trip to Europe. When Linda was in her teenage years - while others her age were going out and experimenting with all sorts of recreational drugs - she'd hide in her room and devour the biographies of her idols; Van Gogh and Michelangelo. She said to her mother: "One day I will go where Van Gogh lived, paint where he painted and sit in his café". 45 years later she finally did. She took the plane to Europe, visited all the places she had always wanted to and it's been the most confronting, informative, self explorative trip she has ever made.

Linda's other long time dream was to have her own art gallery, featuring only her own work. In June 2014, this finally came to pass as she opened the doors of Buller Gallery in Ubud, Bali.

All of her work donate a percentage to BARC (Bali dog Adoption and Rehabilitation Centre) a cause Linda has started almost a decade ago, and has put her heart and soul in this successful foundation and continues to do so.

Linda Joan Buller will be having an exhibition in The Hamptons, USA next year.


Linda Buller has been featured in numerous magazines in both Australia and Indonesia with her artwork. A few of them include:

  • "Bali Advertizer" (June 2014)
  • "The Jakarta Post" (2009)
  • "Brava Casa- Indonesia" (2008)
  • "Hello Bali" (2008)
  • "Bali Style" (2007)
  • "Yak Magazine" (June 2007)
  • "Bali Times" (2007)
  • "Fine Restaurants and Villa's of Bali" (2004)
  • "Bali Discovery" (2002)

She has also been commissioned to work on the Poetry Book, "Bearers of Fruit" by Nancy Inglish (2010) by Good Karma Press publications. Bearers of Fruit: The poems in this collection will no doubt thoroughly grab the reader to stimulate thought on the social and human condition. None, are written to promote instant laughter, although humour is not absent. This book of verse, leads one to scenes of breath taking beauty and tales of romance. It also thrust one unprepared into scenes of black tragedy and turmoil. If the acid test of good poetry, is to evoke an emotional response, these poems do it par excellence.

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Linda Buller

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